That’s so meta…

Posted on January 16, 2012


Yes, starting the first post of my Great American Road Trip in Woodstock when I haven’t even left yet seems a little like cheating. And yes, this whole shebang could be in vain if some hotshot employer plucks my resume from the pile and decides to hire me before my embarkation. But I have to start somewhere, right? I thought I’d write a little about how frustrating and pseudo-satifisfying it is to set up this blog. Actually no — how frustrating it is to set all this up for free. Some of you readers may remember my little endeavor back in the post-dot-com boom known as (and her sister site,, which I was able recently to reacquire). Back in those days, I had webspace to host all my pictures of books, movies and my babe of the month. Unfortunately, good free web hosts are hard to come by nowadays, so I’ve had to rely on WordPress’s bevy of built-in unnecessarily complicated widgets and trying to get them to connect with Flickr’s ass-backwards anti-intuitive user interface. Add in Google Map’s quizzically difficult way plotting points and routes, and you’ve got yourself a figurative stew of interconnected digital domains.

But when it all comes together, doesn’t it sure look pretty? I think this layout will serve me when when/if I begin the first leg of the trip. And, since everything is cloud/web-based, I’ll be able to modify/add to anything from the WiFi-enabled Megabus. I’ve heard the connection can be shotty sometimes, but I figure I’ll be able to connect to the net long enough to at least shoot off a blog post once or twice a day. took significantly longer to upload every time I wanted to change something. With that site, and with all “real” websites, one gets total control over how one wants the site to look. With WordPress, one has to settle for some slight alteration here and there, switching the search box with the pictures box etc. I hope all my readers enjoy what little there is now on this blog, look forward to what’s to come and forgive me for not including a babe of the month.

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