This changes everything… again

Posted on March 11, 2013


I’ll be the first to admit I’ve been a bit negligent in my blogging duties (see last post Jan. 10), but it’s not all for naught. I’ve told most people, but for those of you who only follow me through my blog, I’ll be starting a new job Monday (also, do you actually exist?). I’d been casually sending out resumes for a couple months, only applying to places I thought would be a good fit for me. It’s not that anything bad happened at Marketwire or I had a fire under my ass to leave, it’s just I felt like I really wanted to get back in the area I was passionate about — actually writing and editing. So, completely out of the blue, the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (I’ve had much practice writing and saying that name by now), called and, after several interviews, offered me the position of Associate Editor, Periodicals.

I’m super excited for the position and everything that comes with it (did someone say my own office?). The only hitch is that the AANA is located in Park Ridge, and I live just about as far east as you can go without being on a houseboat. The commute should be a little more than an hour via public transit. This doesn’t sound terrible, and since I’m returning to the sweet mecca of 9-5 hours (Marketwire was 9-6), I should be arriving back at my apartment about when I’d be getting off work before.

But that doesn’t exactly mean I’m content staying where I am. With my bump in salary, I’d like to invest in the auto world once again; relying on the CTA for a year has been a fun experience (read: not really), but I feel having a car would make transport significantly easier, especially when I’m working in the suburbs. Having a car and being in a location that’s actually convenient for commuting seems to point towards moving to another neighborhood. This would also necessitate a change in blog names (gasp you should). I did a little scoping out of neighborhoods along the blue line corridor this weekend, since I feel that would be most convenient for getting on the expressway and taking the El to work, and I’m pseudo loathe to admit Logan Square might be at the center of my locational Venn diagram. I still have some deciding to do, but “Dirty Hipster Place” doesn’t have the same ring to it as “Melrose Place.”

Like I said, I still have decisions to make, but I’m not in any kind of a rush. I just re-signed my lease (I think this was a smart move), so I have no deadline to make and can take my time until I find the ideal set of circumstances. I’m established in my place and in the city. Moving to Chicago heralded the age of Leland 2.0, and I would gauge this as a step up to Leland 2.5. Regardless of where I end up, Leland 2.5 is going to enjoy the reverse commute and definitely not miss cramming himself on the El every morning with 8,000 of his closest friends. Watch out, Park Ridge.

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